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My random thoughts…science, tennis, transitioning from a trainee, baking, and more!

About me!

Hello there bloggies!

Welcome to my most random site and blog!

I started this blog back in January 2015 after I graduated with my Ph.D. in Human Genetics and started my postdoctoral fellowship. I used this blog primarily to explore possible career paths, issues trainees in scientific research encounter, and scientific advances that got my eye. These stories were classified under the ‘Science Stories’ and ‘Trainee Thoughts’ categories.

But my life thankfully wasn’t just about science and research. I decided to also blog about some of my crazy goals and outside interests. Writing, traveling, baking, and fitness filled my free time out of the lab. These stories are in the ‘Wishful Work’, ‘Random Writing’, and ‘Fitness Fun’ categories.

Boy have things changed in the last 2 years on the Dr. F’s Random Thoughts blog.

(1) I’m still in science research, but now am no longer a trainee (yay!). I’m now trying to navigating the world of industry research. This blog will hopefully be a helpful/therapeutic chronicle of my foray into industry.

(2) I’ve also drafted and started querying two novels: The Collective and Deluded. You can get a taste of those above. I’m in the middle of drafting my 3rd novel, which I’ll be keeping tabs on here on the blog.

(3) This isn’t a change, but my love for tennis and specifically pro-tennis has been reinvigorated lately. I want to start writing about my own observations and opinions of the sport I’ve loved for so long.

So that’s your update on Dr. F’s blog for Jan 2017. Some things will stay the same (science, research, and writing), with the new addition of tennis entries.

I’m hoping to keep this as interactive as possible. Please feel free to comment on any new or older materials. I have a twitter for this account (@DrFsThoughts) and email (DrFsRandomThoughts@gmail.com). Connect with me there as well!


Thank you for visiting! Enjoy your stay and let’s have fun!

-Dr. F

5 thoughts on “About me!

  1. Hi Dr. F!

    I was inspired by your alphabetically inspired thematic days and would like to use this idea on my art blog. As a fellow researcher, I would like to provide “proper citation.” Would you like me to make reference or perhaps, provide a link to your blog as the source of this idea?

    Sorry for writing it here, I couldn’t find a contact link!


      1. Looks great!! Thank you! Have fun with it. Organizing it this way has been challenging some weeks but has kept me on task and posting more regularly.
        And thanks for the pointer on the contact page. Added one!

      2. My thoughts exactly! It’s a good way to reinforce structure without being too restrictive 😀

        I like you exclamation points on your contact page title. HAHAHA. Sharp!

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