Hello there bloggies!

The US Open is here!

The rain may have put a bit of a damper on the action today, but my picks are already in shambles. Konta to make the semis? She won’t even make the 2nd round. Same with the “surging” Ferrer and consistent Halep. But more on some initial thoughts on the early action (including that ridic match between Halep and Sharapova) once the 1st round is over.

Another loser in the 1st round was defending champion Angie Kerber, losing relatively routinely to the talented Naomi Osaka in straight sets. It’s safe to say that Kerber has had a rough year following her brilliant 2016 that saw her take the number one ranking and two Slams.

Angie is not only in encountering a slump in his/her career. Even the best of the best like Federer, Steffi, Serena, and Rafa have hit bumps in the road. Every player at every ranking level does.

When these slumps rear their ugly heads, we all tend to focus on what the player and their teams can do to get back on track. Those are their jobs though.

What about the fans!?!

Trust me I know about highs and lows being a Woz fan. Here are some my pro tips for getting through your fave player’s slumps and maybe even out things out:

Temper expectations

We fans can get a little carried away sometimes. We all secretly hope and put together an argument in our minds of how our faves are going to win each and every tournament. Sorry folks, but that ain’t going to happen in a slump. If your fave hasn’t won back-to-back matches in months, they ain’t winning the US Open.

Be aware of that. In the best of cases, hope they win a round or two and use that as a springboard of confidence. Hell, in more dire circumstances, root for winning a set or a handful of games. I’ve gotten excited because a player I love lasted on court for 75 minutes. Good effort! Get to break point? Winning. Take what you can get.

Youtube clips of better days

We all know our all-time favorite matches from our faves. I can recite my top 5 from memory. Some of us may have certain US Open clips from better days bookmarked. C’mon 3rd set tiebreaker to make their 1st slam quarterfinals! These are the matches that solidified your fandom and get you giddy. Go find them. Youtube is a great thing. Relive those days and forget about their current struggles.

Opine longingly on social media

What better way to express your desire for your fave’s success than to whine about it to all of your friends, family members, and random acquaintances you’ve gathered over the years. They’ll love reading about your inner tennis angst. Plus releasing your tension will get you through each unforced error, double-fault, and unconverted break point. Don’t forget your tear- and frustration-filled and frustrated emojis!

Sarcasm, sarcasm, and more sarcasm

Once you’ve felt nostalgic for the good old days and watched the same clips 20 times, frustration can build up. What’s the healthiest way to deal with that pent up anguish?

Sarcasm, of course! Channel your inner misunderstood teenager, mute those annoying folks on the TV, and supplement with your own passive aggressive commentary. Hell, why not share those pieces of gold with the world. Live tweet that sarcasm or start your social media accounts to show just how clever you truly are*.

*Note to readers: Careful when using the sarcasm. Defo don’t @ your fave player. You are still a fan and want them to turn this slump around

Go down your power rankings

Now things can get a bit desperate during a slump. What do you do if/when your player loses in a tournament? Its only day two. You can’t just be done with the tennis.

Hells no! There are always other players you can root for. Maybe they have an interesting name? What up Smashnova. From a country you like for no reason? Go any and every Latvian. Simply playing against a player you don’t like? Hit some ridic shot you saw in a highlight or gave a funny interview? I see you Roberto Bautista-Agut and your tweeners. Shout out to the lovely ladies who participated in the CT Open’s eclipse video this year. Professor Kvitova and voice actress Cibulkova are up there.

Any reason works! Work your way down the list and find your dog in the fight. Just don’t let your fave know…can’t have them getting jealous…

Make the tennis a drinking game

When all else fails and the tennis gods just aren’t in your favor, you must take drastic actions. Make your favorite player’s match a drinking game.

Drink for every unforced error.

Shot for each break/set your player wins.

Bet drinks on challenges.

Set over/unders on games won.

Drink with every random mention of Roger, Rafa, Serena, or other top player when they have absolutely nothing to do with the match.

You know do this with your tennis buddies. No tennis drinking game should occur in a dark room at home. Completely a group activity.


Getting through your favorite player’s slump is rough. Stick with your player and encourage them. You’re a fan for a reason, and it is not just because they win all the time. Get through this slump and wait for the comeback story. Your guy or girl will get through it…sometime….hopefully.

Enjoy the Open!! And go away rain!!

-Dr. F

PS Please don’t take this post seriously because it obviously is not. Feeling a bit under the weather and wanted to do something a bit more fun.