Hello there bloggies!

Day 3 at the French Open has finished, and we are almost finished with the 1st round. There’s one pesky men’s match (that is just a little important to the host nation) left to finish, but the women’s side is ready to jump into the 2nd round.

Let’s take a quick look back at the action.

1) Of course, the biggest stories during the early rounds are the upsets. The big names who crash out, and the unranked players who become giants for at least one day. The big names who have departed us.

Some of the top ranked players who lost were not surprising. Kerber (even as the number one player), Konta, and Vandeweghe all do not appreciate playing the tennis on the clay. So seeing them struggle is not odd. More surprising was the uninspired play of Rome-champ and top ten seeded Zverev. Whether it be the weight of expectation, being a little tired from beating Djokovic, or just being an inconsistent younger player, it was too bad to see. Was also disappointed to see big hitters Sock and Lucic-Baroni not make it through. They are always fun to watch in a slam.

2) Perhaps the most impressive player in the first round may have been the always entertaining Nick Krygios who swept aside Phillip Kohlschreiber in relative routine fashion. Krygios is a brilliant player and when he channels his skill and pure gut talent, he is a threat on each and every tennis court against any player.

3) The bottom half of the men’s draw holds Djokovic and Nadal. Can anyone stop them from meeting in the semis? Is it really just Domi Thiem who can do it? Why is it so relatively simple to dilute the men’s draw to just a small handful of players? Seeing those players match up in these high stake matches is great, but a little variety is nice too.

4) Looking to the women’s 2nd round, I am am beyond excited. There are some ridiculously intriguing matches for us to indulge in. Just take a look at this list!!!

Puig-Ostapenko, Stosur-Flipkens, Bertens-Bellis, Muguruza-Kontaveit, Errani-Mlandenovic, Svitolina-Pironkova, Strycova-Cornet

OMG! Write me a permission slip to get out of work the next two days and get me some popcorn man! I’m so into all of these matches. The ebbs and flows. The nerves. The skill and talent.

5) The Tsonga-Olivo match should have been called way earlier. I’m totally fine with the French Open not having lights for night matches. That’s their choice. But when the players, chair, and lines people can’t see the stupid ball, let’s put on our reasonable hats folks.

6) Maxime Hamou acted like a jackass. Period.

7) And I’d like to end with my gratitude for Radio RG. The French Open matches largely occur during the work day, and for some crazy reason, I don’t think that my boss would appreciate me just staring at tennis all day. Absurd!

But thankfully, Radio RG provides amazingly descriptive, insightful, and downright hilarious commentary of the biggest matches. They are full of personality and knowledge that keeps me posted on the matches and helps the work day fly by. It’s the perfect compromise to keep my tennis fandom going and me productive at work. So thank you Radio RG!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Hope you enjoyed the 1st round. What are you looking forward to in round 2? Let us know below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

Happy tennis-ing!!

-Dr. F