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The men’s tournament apparently took some notes from the women’s tour and decided to be as unpredictably old school. We have a final we’ve seen so many times before but not in the recent past. And I haven’t been this excited for a bit now.

Now let’s dive into the final:

Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer

Honestly I never thought I would see his matchup again in a Slam final. Sure I could envision them making independently to a final and why not even winning one. But Nadal vs Federer? Coming back from injury?

No f’ing way mate!

But as usual, I’m oh so wrong. Both survived tough 5 set semifinal encounters. Roger out hit his countrymen and reigning US Open champ Stan Wawrinka, after blowing a 2 sets to none lead. Rafa outlasted a truly impressive challenge from Grigor Dimitrov in a match that went back and forth and also nearly 5 hours. Expect great things from Dimitrov this season…I say hopefully.

Historically, Rafa gets the edge in the matchup with Roger. His looping forehand to Roger’s one handed backhand plus his relentless defense just tend to be too much for Federer. Nadal has been the one opponent to get the best of Federer.

Will this time be different?

Roger did beat one of the best counter punchers in Nishikori earlier. Plus Federer has the edge of having an extra day of rest over Nadal going into the final. That could be of real importance with their lack of match play and elder man status especially in the Aussie summer.

I see two shots determining this match:

Federer’s serve: Roger needs to find a way to win some free points with his serve. His serve is also indicative of his confidence and willingness to attack. He can’t out rally Nadal in a best of five match. Rafa will grind him down to a pulp. A good serving day will allow him to get the upper hand in points and push the pressure back to Nadal.

Nadal’s forehand: Rafa’s backhand is insane and one of the best defense to offense shots I’ve ever seen. His forehand is great too, but he can get a bit too much topspin on it and leave it short in the court. And on these fast hard courts, that allows offensive players like Federer the chance to make him pay. If Rafa can keep his forehand deep, he can control the point and wear Roger down.

So what’s my pick?

I’m going with Roger in 4 sets.

My reasoning? 

My gut mostly. These courts are playing really fast and I just think will reward the more offensive player. I think both will recover fine physically for this match. I just think Roger will blast his way to a win no one saw coming.

I just know the two will bring everything they have to this match and leave it all on the court. So lucky to be a tennis right now!!

Enjoy the tennis folks! What’s your prediction for the final? Let me NGOs in the comments below.

Dr F