Hello there bloggies!

I’m breaking the stream of Aussie Open tennis blog posts to add an update on my new writing project (more details on that project here). It’s a project that I’ve wanted to work on and a story I’ve wanted to tell for years.

The past two months I’ve dived into this new book draft. Well, I’ve tried to dive into this drafting process. I’m maybe around halfway done with the first draft now. I started off well, rolling through the first quarter of the book. I felt great, riding the momentum through the first chapters.

This second quarter, though, has been a struggle. I carve out time to write, but the words don’t come. I end up wandering into the depths of twitter and youtube, and realizing that I should probably go to bed. The weeks have gone by, but I am seeing my progress slow and slow.

Adjusting to the new job certainly has drained some of my brain power. New commute (so much earlier ugh), new people, and new responsibilities have been overwhelming to say the least.

I also need to do a better job: 1) making time for writing during times when my brain is actually functional and 2) making small attainable goals for my writing sessions. Scheduling writing sessions for 9pm of weekdays aren’t going to work. My brain is fried. Also aiming to writing even just 1000 words a day/night can be huge. You can make steady progress toward the bigger goal of finishing the draft and also feel good that you are reaching your small goals.

So those are my two goals for my writing. To make writing sessions a priority and be more goal oriented. This draft is really important to me and my writing. It’s completely different than the other two books I’ve written (check out The Collective and Deluded!). I’m challenging my creativity and story telling abilities. And I really think this is a relatable story that others will appreciate. Hopefully, I’ll have a draft to share with you all at some point!

Writing is a marathon, not a sprint!

Thanks for stopping by this writing post! Any tips for busting out of a writing rut? Leave them in the comments or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

See you later!

-Dr. F