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This year’s Aussie Open is getting really fun y’all. Today’s results have busted it all open. Top seeds…who needs them! Let’s check in on the top stories.

Andy Murray joins Novak Djokovic out of the tournament

In my preview, I said there was absolutely no shot that Murray would lose this match. Completely wrong. Thinking you all should just pick the opposite of whatever I say. Angsty/dramatic Andy was back on court as he barked and barked at his court. Maybe things won’t be so straight-forward now that Andy is number one and with all the hoopla of having Lendl back in the coaching box (I miss Mauresmo up there).

CoCo rocks number one and hard court champ Kerber

The entire tennis world was fascinated to see how Kerber would handle being the top seed at a Grand Slam for this first time. Well, the whole tournament was a bit rocky for her as she never seemed to settle into the tennis. In this match, CoCo was in complete control. If CoCo made her first serve and kept her shots within the lines, then she was going to pull through. What a thrilling display of power tennis! Will Kerber be able to recover for the random US/Middle East hard court tourneys and in the clay season…arguably her worst surface?

Federer can still tennis

Injuries, inconsistency, and upsets have plagued Roger Federer the last few years. He took the second half of last year to get healthy and boy it looks like it has paid off after his 5-set win over Nishikori. Federer is not done yet. He still can fight through tough matches and win the big points. And if you can survive a 5-set match against Kei, you have to be fit.

Can Venus make the final?

Venus Williams can still tennis too people! She’s now in the quarters after a straight sets win and set to meet the lower ranked Pavs. That match and either of her possible semi-finals opponents are definitely winnable. Venus made the semis of Wimbledon last year. Crazier things have happened. And man, I really want it to happen!

Any day you lose the top seeds on both the men’s and women’s side is insane. So excited to have some variety in the men’s draw FOR ONCE! Though watch…we’ll have a Federer-Nadal final. I wouldn’t hate that though hehe.

What do you think about this crazy fun day at the Aussie Open? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

See you tomorrow!