Hello there bloggies!

One of the hallmarks of this blog over the past 2 years has been my foray into writing fiction. In that time, I have drafted two novels. You can find samples of The Collective and Deluded on this site. Let me know what you think!

In addition to writing, revising, editing, and even querying those two novels, I have started to draft my newest novel. Now, I wish I had a snazzy, clever title to share with all of you. But of course, right now it remains untitled. I need to wait until I finish the draft before I start brainstorming the title.

I like to describe this book as Skins (the UK version; not the awful US version they tried out) but with characters in their mid-20s. It follows a group of old college friends as they navigate life, work, love, and their friendships in the real world as twenty somethings.

The fun part for me is that, just like Skins, I’ve broken up the novel into 8 parts with each part focused on one of the characters in the friend group. Doing so allows me to play with perspective and also explore various issues with each character’s actions. You’ll get to get both sides of relationships and understand the rationale for many of the character’s actions and reactions to the many dramatic and hilarious plot lines.¬†Also, I’m just about to reach the end of my 20s (#tear). This project will let me reflect on these past years and make some commentary.

This is a project I’ve wanted to take on for a long time now, so I’m very excited to be working on it. With a new job, it has been difficult to carve out time. But I am hoping to take advantage of winter weather and a little time management to make some real progress.

I’m currently a little under halfway done with the first draft, but have most of the plot outlined out through the end. It will come down to devoting some serious hours in front of the laptop, writing my life away. I’ll be keeping you all posted here on the blog!

Thank you all for stopping by! What are your writing goals/projects for the year? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

Have a fantastic week!

-Dr. F