Hello there bloggies…

Long time no see. It has been many many months since I’ve last posted about science, trainee, writing, or other nonsense that crosses my mind. I would love to give a great reason, but I don’t have one. But I’m finally breaking the blogging drought to give a major update.

In just little over a week, I will officially NO LONGER BE A TRAINEE!! That’s right I am finishing my postdoc fellowship and launching into my career.

Now, if you are really clever slash read the title of this post, you will have noted that I not staying in academia to become Professor F, Staff Scientist F, or even Administrator F. Instead, I am heading into the private sector to do science for a company.

Those words are honestly something I never anticipated writing…even in the darkest days of grad school or my postdoc. I had explored many career options…writing, policy, and administration…each of which I found some interest in. But an industry position never really appealed to me.

That is until I starting having informal chats with people in industry and then found myself interviewing for a couple of positions. It’s funny how my motto of never saying no to having a conversation or phone call has thrown me into this new opportunity. If I ever have a piece of advice for trainees, it is to always say yes to a conversation. Worst case you spend a few minutes chatting with someone. And you never know where I chat can go.

I toyed with writing a massive blog post about the reasons why I decided to jump into industry and why I’m taking a break from academia (side note: I don’t like saying I’m leaving academia…never know if/when I’ll end up). However, I just don’t think such a post would be accurate.

I think the major reasons I took a chance with this new position was very specific to the fit in this particular situation. It wasn’t because I was dying to dive into industry or I was so troubled in academia. Nothing that dramatic or exciting. The practical (i.e., timing, location, financial) and science (i.e., projects, new area of biology, explore how industry approaches science) reasons just aligned. It was just all about fit and timing.

Cheers to all of you who have come along on my trainee adventure! I can’t believe I’m not going to be a trainee anymore, and I am going to achieve my goal of not being a trainee before my 30th birthday (by 6 whole months!).

Regarding the blog, I am still going to try to blog here and there about all things science, trainee, writing, baking, and more. Always open to ideas/suggestions 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by this edition of Trainee Thoughts! Stay connected in the comments or on twitter (@DrFsThoughts).

See you all later!!

-Dr. F