Title: The Collective

Age/Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy Adventure

Word Count: 84,000


Dear Agent,

Aaron had worked his whole life for this opportunity. He was actually going to become a Central Health Admin and combat health emergencies across all the regions in the Collective. The Superiors in the Capitol would entrust him to save their people from disease, catastrophe, and chaos.

A native of the outlying forest region of Glendale, Aaron is only able to survive Central Admin Training through his exceptional critical thinking skills and the relationships with his fellow trainees including the unpredictable, hopelessly intriguing Craig. Once established in the Capitol, Aaron makes his mark in the Central Health Administration and is given his first solo case in the desert region of Sunderland. Little did Aaron know that this fateful trip to combat a deadly epidemic would launch him and everyone he’d about into the center of a deadly political struggle.

The Collective, a 83702 word Young Adult novel, is the story of Aaron’s unanticipated foray into a world of deceit, manipulation, and political power. Stuck between the all-powerful Collective and the mysterious Counter Collective Rebellion Force (CCRF), Aaron must find a way to ensure the safety of his family and friends. Not only that, but Aaron’s world is further tossed into disarray when the head of the CCRF marches out his long-thought disappeared father and little brother.

Despite his superior analytical skills and medical knowledge, Aaron’s frustrating lack of street smarts leads Aaron down a bumpy path as an unlikely agent and pawn for both the Collective and CCRF. Fortunately for Aaron, his strong willed and clever love interests Marit and Jessie are constantly trying to steer him in what they think is the right direction. However, their motives are never truly known, as both are more than willing to manipulate Aaron for their own objectives.

The Collective is a fast-paced journey through a seemingly ordered world that is quickly torn to shreds through secrets, deceit, and power. Never knowing what is going to happen next or who to trust, readers will enjoy reading how Aaron navigates these twists and turns to keep his friends and family safe.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this query. I hope you enjoy this snapshot of The Collective and hope to discuss it and other writing projects with you in the future.


First 250 Words

I always get depressed when I finish a story. The senses of betrayal and jealousy overcome any feelings of closure the author has tried to craft. All control over my feelings and emotions has been ceded to this stranger. He or she knows exactly what happens after so casually writing “The End”. Effortlessly, this disseminator of information manipulates me into investing my time and emotions into their characters and story. Then, with no concern, he or she suddenly rips everything away from me. I’m left stunned with no idea of what happens next. At best, the author feels pity enough to toss around subtle hints or even a few pages of an epilogue. I’m never ready to let go. They were my friends and my enemies. They had become a part of my world.

Yet, I marveled at this person’s power only through the written word. Without ever making real contact, they are able to take me on a journey across time and space. Their words have the power to influence or even question my own thoughts, choices, and actions. What was it like to hold such power? Were you even aware of it?

As usual, I was lost in my own mind trying to hold onto this latest story for just a few moments longer. I stared up at the ceiling of our screened porch, making patterns with the cracks in the light sky blue paint. I even tried to imagine what happened after the author stole their characters back and to integrate my own plotlines in stories in my head.