Hey there bloggies!

When I first started this crazy journey writing books, I thought the hardest part would be sitting down and getting the words on the page.

How wrong I was!

Making the first drafts and even the initial edits was tough, but I was able to get it done. I forced myself to sit at my kitchen table and trudge through the awful bouts of writer’s block and make hard decisions about character arcs and plot points.

Now I am sitting with two draft manuscripts, incredibly proud that I have even made it this far. I would have never imagined at the start of last year that I would be able to draft two novels.

But I’ve come up a tougher challenge. What the heck do I do with this manuscripts now?

I’ve sent out query letters for The Collective and Deluded to just see if anything happens. Several of my friends and family members have read The Collective and given me edits/comments. They are just starting on Deluded.

While I appreciate their comments, I’m a little concerned about getting tough/objective comments from them. Since they are family and friends, they may be concerned about my feelings. As someone who works in scientific research, I am used to having my work criticized and edited all the time. I crave these comments for these novels as they are the only way these manuscripts will become as good as they can be.

Saying that, I am trying to figure out how to find beta readers for The Collective and Deluded. Authors, how do you find beta readers for your new drafts? Readers, who do you connect with authors? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter (https://twitter.com/DrFsThoughts)!

While you are here, check out samples of The Collective (https://drfsrandomthoughts.wordpress.com/the-colllective-sample-chapter/) and Deluded (https://drfsrandomthoughts.wordpress.com/deluded-sample-chapters/). Maybe these samples were pique your interest to read more!

Hope you all have a great day!!

-Dr. F