Hello there bloggies!

Over the past few months, I have been editing and editing both The Collective and Deluded as I send out query letters and continue to do my human genetics research. I’ve even started writing a few new things including a murder mystery set in a research lab and a New Adult book examining people starting their lives in their early 20s (think Skins with slightly older characters).

Last night, I uploaded the most recent samples of The Collective and Deluded. You can click on the tab above on my blog site or follow the links below! Any and all feedback are really helpful, so please leave some! I am always looking for beta readers, so let me know if you want to read more and help me edit!

The Collective: https://drfsrandomthoughts.wordpress.com/the-colllective-sample-chapter/

The Collective is a dystopian Young Adult novel that follows the naive new doctor AARON as he sets off to become a Central Health Admin for the Superiors of The Collective. During one of his medical work, Aaron is thrown into a power-hungry world of political intrigue as he tries to keep his family and friends safe. Hopelessly lacking street smarts himself, Aaron is manipulated by all those around him as family secrets, government lies, and mayhem unfold around him. Will Aaron figure out who to trust? Will his family and love interests remain safe? Will The Collective endure?

Deluded: https://drfsrandomthoughts.wordpress.com/deluded-sample-chapters/

Deluded is a Young Adult novel during SHAWN PEDERSEN’S senior year of high school at Southwood High. A servant to his planner, Shawn has followed the logical plan of tennis, the perfect college, and the perfect girlfriend for years. Too bad that most of his days are spent enduring his daily duties as he loses himself in a world of ‘what-ifs’ and daydreams. A new friendship challenges Shawn to leap out his world of schedules and delusions as he starts embarking on random adventures. Most out of character, Shawn and his new friend ALEX start their own youtube channel filming ridiculous videos and posting them on the internet. Will this friendship and foray into youtube change Shawn? What happens if the channel starts to gain followers?

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Dr. F