Hey there bloggies! Welcome to Fitness Friday!

How many times have we set our alarm thinking that we are going to wake up early only to hit snooze 5 times the next day?

How many times have we said we’re off to the gym just to end up lying on the couch?

How many times have been ready to workout but had clue what exercise to actually do?

The answer for me is way too many times. The times I find myself most successful with my fitness is when I am the most organized. I need to sit down and plot out my exercise schedule for the next week or two. I think that’s why I enjoyed the Insanity series so much; it came with a ready made workout schedule. It was also why I was able to train for the half-marathon I ran. I had a plan and was able to foliow it.

Not only is it helpful to already have a workout planned for each day, but it is oddly satisfying to cross off another workout completed. That little sense of accomplishment each day is that little extra boost that keeps you going to the next day and the day after that.

I try to make my schedules Sunday or Monday for the upcoming week. i build in a rest day later in the work week in anticipation of being tired from research-related activities.

When I don’t make a schedule, chaos can ensue. Some days I will be good and keep with my workouts. Other days it is just so much easier to not workout. I need that workout list!

Thanks for stopping by Fitness Friday! Do you plan out your workout schedule? How do you keep track? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

Have a great weekend!

-Dr. F