Hello there bloggies! Welcome to Fitness Friday!

Re-learned an important lesson this week. Something that I should already know especially with every passing year. I’m not as young as I used to be.

Dr. F, you need to stretch before exercise!!

Stretching prevents from being a sore, stiff zombie the next day.

Stretching allows you to walk up and down stairs the next morning like a normal human being.

Stretching improves your performance during bouts of exercise and lets you push yourself harder and harder.

Stretching prevents injury and keeps you exercising for many days.

Stretching itself improves your flexibility and your overall level of fitness.

Take it from a fool who decided he was too cool for stretching earlier this week. Take a few minutes before and after bouts of exercise to do your stretches. You’ll feel so much better during and after working out.

Now, I’m going to go do my stretches to try to recover from that workout.

Thank you all for stopping by! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to stretch!

-Dr. F