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Look at this! I’m actually posting this entry on time…woot!

The last few weeks have been fairly busy socially and professionally. I’ve attended conferences, went to my alma mater’s homecoming, visited a cidery (such fun!), gone to a sporting event, and met up with friends. As you may be able to guess, there were quite a few alcoholic beverages consumed at these events.

Cidery...fun but not the best for fitness
Cidery…fun fall treat but not the best for fitness

Beer, wine, and other alcohol beverages are not great options when trying to maintain or improve fitness. Most strikingly, alcoholic drinks have a lot of calories. A can of regular beer (12 oz) typically has around 150 calories, and an official serving of wine (not the typical amount I pour…) has 120 calories. A couple of beers or glasses of wine can add up fast. That’s a lot of running or walking to burn them off!

That part is easy to remember, but the more impactful effects it has at least for me are mental. I’m usually pretty good about surrounding myself with healthy food options and saying no to temptations. However, when you go grab a drink or go to a tailgate, chips & salsa, fried foods, and other munchies are not far behind. With each sip, my will power is slowly wiped away.

Not only that, but alcohol’s effects can last until the next day (especially as I get older…). I never sleep as well after having a few drinks. The next day I am not refreshed and goodness knows not as motivated for a tough workout or to maintain my nutrition.

So, with my recent trend of being a bit of a lush, I’ve started cutting way back on the alcohol before the holiday season approaches. I’ve been swapping in seltzer and tonic water for drinks. Thankfully I love seltzer. I’ve also started scheduling things for earlier in the morning, so I’ll be less inclined to partake in adult beverages. It actually isn’t too difficult. The only times it will really be tough is during my friend’s Halloween party next week. College friends plus costumes usually means drinks will be had.

Thanks for visiting Fitness Friday! How do you keep tabs on your alcohol intake? Share with us below in the comments!

Have a fun weekend!

-Dr. F