Hello there bloggies! Welcome to Wishful Wednesday!

You may have noticed the other week that I didn’t post anything on the blog. Well, I did post once last week. I was a bit over-excited that I had finally submitted queries of The Collective to literary agents. Check out that post here and a sample of The Collective here!

But other than that over-excited, anxious post last Wednesday, the blog was quiet. No Science Sunday. No Trainee Tuesday. And definitely no Fitness Friday.


So what gives? Why no posting?

I sat down that Sunday morning to write my post for Science Sunday. I had a vague topic to write about (a whole genome sequencing study tangentially related to the Precision Medicine Initiative). But I just couldn’t bring myself to write about the project and what it could mean for the scientific community. My mind was blank.

I think after 150 straight posts (yes, I checked!) I simply needed a little break from the blog. A week where I could focus my writing efforts on my current book Deluded (which was very productive! stay tuned for an update next week). This break was a chance to recharge my blogging batteries and reenergize myself to brainstorm post ideas.

Now that brings me to the future of this blog. For the near future, the four posts a week (Science Sunday, Trainee Tuesday, Wishful Wednesday, Fitness Friday) will continue. The biweekly book writing updates are also going to continue. As an aside, check out this Nature Jobs article here about creative writing and science. It’s like they read my mind or something!

While some things will stay the same, I am thinking of changing the style of some of the posts. Many of posts are streams of consciousness that I write on the fly the week of the post (or the morning of…). Those will stay because I enjoy writing them, and I think the relaxed style is fun yet still informative. However, I do want to introduce a few more in-depth, better-researched pieces. I’m thinking these will appear once in a while on Science Sunday or Trainee Tuesday. Maybe a little injection of seriousness will be a nice change of to the blog.

Thank you for stopping by Wishful Wednesday! And thank you for bearing with the blog break last week! Would you like to see any changes to the blog? Any suggestions for blog topics? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

See you all later!

-Dr. F