Hello there bloggies! Welcome to Wishful Wednesday!

This is a special Wishful Wednesday because it’s time for a biweekly book writing update. I may or may not have theme music playing in my head when writing the intros for these writing updates…

Back to the book writing! I am just about halfway done with the latest rounds of edits thanks to a Labor Day Weekend spent watching US Open tennis and editing my life away. The edits are going faster now, and I am still enjoying the story I put today as well as the process itself. I just hope some people out there do as well.

In that vein, I also revised my brief book synopsis and query letter that I will use for contacting prospective agents and publishers. The query letter is oddly similar to the cover letters that you include with the submission of scientific manuscripts to journals. With this query letter though, I did try to include a bit more personality and information about myself.

With all of this progress, I am hoping to start sending inquiries and submissions our to agents any day now. Eek! I am trying to balance telling myself that I am in no rush to submit and telling myself that this novel is worth submitting. I started this crazy project back in November 2014 and have put about 10 months of work into this manuscript. I’m eager to start getting feedback and seeing where this takes mean.

Now, I am not expecting any real successes in the submission department. My real success was staying committed to this for so long and getting a finished product I am proud of. Another thing that happens from now on is gravy. And I will be sure to keep all of you posted on anything crazy that may come from it.

As I submit, I plan on finishing up the last chapters of Deluded, my second novel. I have one last chunk of it to write, and I am excited to get a draft to start digging into. Once I get that drafted finished and a preliminary edit done, I will make sure to share a sample with you all on here!

Speaking of which, have you taken a sneak peek of my sample chapter from The Collective? Check it out here and vote in the poll at the end! Thank you all for stopping by this book writing edition of Wishful Wednesday. Any tips on submitting a book to agents or on the sample chapter? Let me know in the comments or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

Very exciting times ahead! See you later!

-Dr. F