Hello there bloggies! Welcome to Fitness Friday!

With the end of one season and the start of another, I am feeling a resurgence of motivation and excitement for my fitness. So much so that I am considering doing something I never thought that I would do again. Something even just a month ago was so out of the realm of possibilities that I included it in a previous post about things I wished I liked but actually hated.

So, what is this ridiculous fitness venture I am launching myself into? Some crazy race? Nope. It’s something far simpler. I want to try to make yoga an important part of my exercise routines.


That’s right I just want to add a little yoga to my routine. Currently, a lot of my exercise is largely either high intensity interval training or running. They are fantastic workouts that get fantastic results. However, high intensity interval training and running can be rough on the body, especially on my hips, knees, and ankles. Weeks and weeks of training can leave me a bit hobbled and not able to train as hard as possible.

Adding yoga to the mix I think could help not only keep my body fresh and functioning, but will make me stronger, more flexible, and versatile. The slow strength and stretching movements will complement the higher intensity workouts. I also think it would be a fantastic positive way to start off the workday.

Now saying that, yoga presents a unique challenge physically and mentally for me. Fortunately, I am flexible especially for a tall person (I’m 6’3”). My weakness lies in my lack of ability to use fine muscle control for the slow movements and postures needed. The last time I tried yoga I quickly became frustrated by this and stop trying. I need to realize that I am trying a totally new thing, and it is going to take a bit to improve and gain confidence.

The other frustrating aspect of yoga in the past is that it is relatively slow moving compared to other training I do. I’ve not used to having to focus so intently on slow movements. I enjoy giving it all I have in explosive big movements. It will require quite a bit of concentration. This will probably be my biggest challenge, but one I’m looking forward to facing.

But before I face this challenge, I need a little help. My plan is to do yoga at home in the morning before the workday. That will leave the evenings open for other activities and training. The problem is I don’t have a video to help guide me or know which ones I should use.

That where you can hopefully help me, dear reader. What yoga videos do you recommend? Any good ones on youtube to start off with? Leave any suggestions or general yoga tips you may have in the comments below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts. I really appreciate any insights you all may have.

Thank you for stopping by Fitness Friday! Enjoy your holiday weekend for those in the States!

See you later!

-Dr. F