Hello there bloggies, and welcome to Wishful Wednesday!

I’ve just come back from one of the biggest, most fantastic trips of my life. I just spent 9 days in Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. Now to a lot of people, a summer trip to Scandinavia may not be the most exciting. But to me, I can’t think of anything more exciting (well, maybe throw stops in Norway and the UK as well!). I was lucky enough to study abroad in Copenhagen during university and fell in love with the city.

Here are some highlights from the trip with loads of pictures at the end!


The Vasa Museum: In the 1600s, the King of Sweden commissioned the building a massive, extravagant ship called the Vasa. On its maiden voyage, it made it 1 whole kilometer before sinking to the bottom of the harbor. Somehow, almost the entire vessel was preserved and brought back to the surface in the early 1960s. The preserved ship and its story are now housed in the Vasa Museum. It is incredible to see such a beautifully preserved (although poorly designed) ship from the 1600s in person. I highly recommend it to everyone.



Gamla Stan: Gamla Stan or “the Old Town” is probably the most touristy part of Stockholm, but it is definitely worth the visit. The buildings are stunningly beautiful and the winding, narrow streets made for such a lovely walk. Stop by the Nobel Museum to break up the day, and grab a drink at one of the many cafes. My strongest recommendation is to go back at least once at night to see some of the squares in twilight. So pretty!




Djurgarden: Stockholm is a city comprised of 1000s of islands (something I didn’t fully appreciate until I arrived). My favorite island without a doubt was Djurgarden. Djurgarden has loads of museums. In addition to the Skansen and Vasa Museums I went to, there is also the Nordic Museum, the Abba Museum, the Spirit Museum, and the amusement park Grona Lund. But, that’s not why I loved it so much. There was so much green and park space. We had so many relaxing picnics! It was where we really relaxed.





The Water: Since Stockholm is made up of so many islands, the water is a major part of its identity. We were able to take a 3 hour archipelago boat tour where we cruised among the many islands of Stockholm. Some were so small that only one small house fit on it! Not only that, but we spent hours upon hours hanging out by the water side watching boats and the beautiful water.







Nyhavn: Probably the quintessential sight of Copenhagen along with the Little Mermaid statue, Nyhavn is a collection of brilliantly brightly colored shops and restaurants. It makes the perfect setting for a leisurely meal or drink with friends to watch the water, sun, and droves of wandering tourists. It’s a must see. Grab a beer from the local grocery store and take a seat along the water. Instant relaxation!




Rosenborg Castle and King’s Garden: Keeping with the theme of relaxation outside, the next spot is my probably my favorite in the entire city: the King’s Garden outside of Rosenborg Castle. On a lovely sunny or even gray day (the weather can be quite iffy in Denmark), it is the ideal place for a picnic and people watching. There is green grass and beautiful scenery all around you. Not only that but you are right outside a castle! Rosenborg Castle holds the crown jewels of the Danish royals and is a fantastic tour. Take a meander around the castle and the gardens!





Carlsberg Brewery: For those of you in the USA, Carslberg is one of the biggest beer brands in the world. They even are a sponsor of the English Premier League! The Carlsberg Brewery is a fun, self-guide tour through the history of this old brewery (though there are some fun tour and beer tasting options). The end of the tour ends with two drinks on their fantastic beer hall and one of the best gift shops I’ve ever been too. Plus, did I mention you get to meet the Carsberg horses?!




Going back to all my favorite bars, restaurants, and bakeries: Perhaps the best part of my Copenhagen visit was visiting all of the bars, restaurants, and bakeries I love. I had weinerbrod at Sct Peders Bakery, cakes at Cafe Norden, fantastic Danish food at Skindbuksen, and a sandwich from my favorite sandwich shop. They were all nostalgic meals filled with happiness and hygge!





Thank you all for stopping by Wishful Wednesday! Have you been to Sweden or Denmark? What were your favorite spots? Have any questions about trips to Stockholm and Copenhagen? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

I loved every second of my trip, and hope you enjoyed this quick highlight reel. Check out the pictures below!

See you on Friday!

-Dr. F