Hello there bloggies! Welcome to this week’s Fitness Friday, and boy do I need it after that baking entry this past Wishful Wednesday.

Today, I want to talk about this amazing product I’ve come across. This pill will block you from storing fat, clears your body of the toxins of modern society, flattens your stomach, allows you build the biceps of your dreams, and increases your energy. Not only that, but it only takes a couple weeks for it all to start working. Doesn’t that sound amazing!?

That probably does, but it also sounds way too good to be true. Almost 99% of the time you hear things like this, they’re totally full of it. Unfortunately, we all are inundated by these claims from all sorts of products whether they are pills, shakes, powders, and even fruits/veggies. There is no magic pill or silver bullet that will quickly transform your health and fitness. Changing your health and fitness, no matter what the goal is, takes time, a lot of effort, and commitment.

The time it takes to train for a race, to lose those 10 pesky pounds, or to regain your form in any sport is incredibly frustrating. We all want that instant gratification of accomplishing our goals and feeling good. You see it when you step on the scale right after your first workout in months. Or when you watch the show My 600 Pound Life and the individuals expect to lose all of the weight instantly. It is just human nature, and it simply sucks.

But there are ways around it!

Reign in your expectations

Realizing that fitness and health goals take time is honestly the first step. It just needs to be accepted. Take a moment to breath and reign in those expectations. After a week of going for 30 minute runs, you aren’t going to be able to run a marathon. But, you will probably be able to run faster and farther!

Small, intermediate, and attainable goals

We all have long-term, major goals. But, it can be difficult to only have these big goals far in the distance. It’s like climbing a massive mountain. It’s impossible to see the peak. So, simply move the peaks closer. Instead of just saying you want to finish a marathon, maybe say by the end of the month I want to be able to run 5 miles. It is something that you need to achieve on the way to your end goal, but you will be able to accomplish it far sooner. This can be adapted to whatever your goals are.

Stay positive and keep at it

On the journey to accompanying your fitness or health goals (whatever they may be), you are going to fall on your face and run into hardships. In the moment, it is going to be frustrating, painful, and difficult. These are just fleeting moments. Look back at how far you’ve come, smile, and keep at it! You can do it! It just takes some time, effort, and desire.

Thank you all for stopping by Fitness Friday today! How do you all make sure not to fall for fitness/nutrition fads? How do you stay on track? Comment below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

Have a great weekend!

-Dr. F