Hello there bloggies! Welcome to this week’s Fitness Friday!

Staying on track with your fitness and nutrition is difficult. Temptation is everywhere, workouts can be difficult, and progress can be slow. It is so easy to fall off and slack on your progress. It becomes even harder if you are trying to accomplish everything all on your own. All you have to rely on is your own mental strength and will power.

But, you don’t have to just rely on yourself. What you need is an “accountabil-i-buddy”! You are probably asking yourself what the heck is an accountabil-i-buddy. And rightly so. I first heard the word accountabil-i-buddy from the show South Park (here’s a clip here…warning it is a South Park clip, so there will be mature content). My friends and I have also adopted this term when we go to the bar or go to the party. We all try to make sure we don’t indulge too too much, with a varying degree of success.

However, the accountabil-i-buddy concept can be translated from a cartoon and going out to the fitness and nutrition arena. All you need is a pal who has his or her own fitness or nutrition goals. This buddy doesn’t even have to have the same goals. He or she just needs to be involved.

Now, what do you need from your accountabil-i-buddy?

Your buddy needs to be willing to check in with you and see how your workouts and meals are going. Simply knowing that someone is aware of your goals (both long-term and short-term) and will be asking you specifically about them can help keep you on task.

Now, everyone has those awful days when they simply cannot get amped up for their workout or are finding it extraordinarily difficult to pass up that gorgeous pastry or extra glasses of wine. That’s where a little nudge from your accountabil-i-buddy comes in. A simple text or even just a look can knock you out of your mini-funk.

Your accountabil-i-buddy is also working to his or her own goals. That progress can inspire you to work even harder and re-dedicate yourself to your progress. Seeing a pal work their butts off and achieve something is sometimes the very thing you need to fuel your own progress.

Thank you all for stopping by Fitness Friday! Do you all have an accountabil-i-buddy or a fitness buddy? Comment below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

Have a great weekend!

-Dr. F