Hello there bloggies! Welcome to Wishful Wednesday! Guess what bloggies!? It is time for yet another novel writing update!

If you are a frequent reader, you will know that I have in the middle of editing my full manuscript draft. My goal is to have this edit of the manuscript finished by mid-July. In mid-July, two things will be happening.

First, I will be attending a Human Genetics conference in Newport, RI with two weekend trips bookending the conference. The first weekend trip is to my brother’s place on the North Shore of Massachusetts and the second is to Old Orchard Beach in Maine. I have a feeling there will be very little time to devote to the book.

Second, I want to give my brother and also my mom copies of the next edit. I have held off giving either of them the current version. I think their fresh eyes and honest nature could really be valuable resources moving forward.

I am currently over halfway done with this edit (or 57% to be exact for my science readers). I am pleased with my progress and think finishing this edit by mid-July is feasible. But, I am a bit worried about work, other interests like baking (check out my baking post here), and trips (discussed in detail here) taking time away from my book. For example, during my Lake Champlain trip this past weekend, I didn’t touch my manuscript once.

I have a trip next week to Toronto for another conference. I have found airport time and flights to be great writing opportunities. I also have some pockets of time in some of the upcoming weekends. I’m envisioning spending some quality time on my laptop in the garden. I’m hopeful that I will be able to meet my internal deadline, so I can keep moving this project forward and get back to my other manuscript.

Of course, what I plan to do with this silly manuscript after I edit it and get some feedback is still up for debate. I have thoroughly enjoyed the writing and editing process. It has been a crazy amount of work and time. But, it has been a thrilling mental and creative test for myself. It would be a bit of a shame for all of this work to simply sit on my laptop. So, I do think I will end up exploring publishing possibly; however fanciful and improbable it may be.

Thank you all for stopping by this book writing update on Wishful Wednesday! Have you checked out the sample from the manuscript I posted earlier? Check it out here! Have any thoughts on exploring publishing? Leave feedback and your thoughts in the comments below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

See you all later!!

-Dr. F

PS Here a quick picture of Lake Champlain from this weekend as well as pictures of a flag day inspired pound cake and raspberry crumb bars!

IMG_0132 photo-3 photo 1-2 copy