Hello there bloggies and welcome to another edition of Fitness Friday! I can’t believe it’s already time for another entry and the weekend (but I’ll take it!).

The other day I was playing tennis with a good friend of mine. I used to play competitively and was first singles of my high school team too many years ago. Playing tennis was a large part of my childhood and adolescence. Unfortunately, work and life gets in the way of playing as much as I would like nowadays, though I still watch an absurd amount as well as listen to it on the radio (Seriously check out Radio Roland Garros now! So good! Especially when you are at work.).

Anyway, my play was completely and utterly horrific. Instead of rationally realizing that I was incredibly rusty from lack of play, I grew frustrated, angry, and annoyed. I was fantastic company for my friend.

It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning that I realized how completely idiotic I was acting. Did I think I was going to magically start playing as well as I did in tournaments back when I was 18? Crazytown! It took hours upon hours of practice and matchplay over years to get to my game to its peak back then. I played consistently year round and worked my butt off. There is no substitute or magic spell that could conjure these skills back overnight.

I am telling this little story because it reflects to any sort of activity especially sports and other fitness related events. You don’t wake up, decide you want to run a marathon, and then go ahead and do it later that day. You set up a training plan lasting months if not a year and then stick to it to build your strength and skill. It is the commitment to these endeavors and the consistent work everyday that allows you to run those 26.2 miles, win that tennis tournament, or whatever goal you have.

Saying that is easy, but actually following through with these small consistent acts everyday is extraordinarily difficult. If it were easy, everyone would be grand slam champions, marathon runners, etc. Staying committed is draining, frustrating, and onerous.

It is easy to get bogged down in this negativity just like I did on the tennis court the other day. What I wish I had done is taken a minute to take a breath and react that I wouldn’t be able to hit the perfectly measured backhand down the line. It would have made for a lot more of a fun, positive night. I hope I am able to do so in my tennis and running as well as all of the other goals I have for this year. I need to consistently make progress, not think I am going to achieve everything in a day or week.

Thank you all for stopping by Fitness Friday! How do you all deal with some of the frustrations of being rusty or staying committed? Comment below or on Twitter @DrFsThoughts.

Have a great weekend!!

-Dr. F