Hello there bloggies! Welcome to Wishful Wednesday!

It is unofficially summer time now that Memorial Day Weekend has passed. One of my goals at the start of the year was to start traveling again. During the last two years of my PhD, I had so much work to do and such little money that I wasn’t able to travel in the US, Canada, and internationally unless it was for work. Now that I have graduated and moved on to the postdoc phase of my career, I wanted to make travel a priority in my life again since it has had just a massive impact on my life (see my post on studying abroad in Denmark here).

So this summer I have planned a few trips to get me back on the travelling wagon including two international trips! Here’s what I got on tap for the next few months:

Lake George, NY and Burlington, VT

In the middle of June, I am going to Lake George, NY and Burlington, VT with some friends from college to celebrate a good friend’s birthday. I have never been to either Lake George or Burlington, so it’ll be fun to experience two new areas in the Northeast. It is going to be such a laid-back, relaxing visit with some amazing people. We’re going to relax at my friend’s lake house while taking a trip on her boat on Lake George and then shipping over to Burlington for a brewery party bus tour. I had never heard the terms “brewery” and “party bus” together before, but it is such an awesome idea!


A couple weeks later in mid-June I will then be taking my first trip to Canada for a conference put on by the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis in Toronto. This is a trip for work, as I’ll be giving a talk presenting some of my research (such a great opportunity to speak!). But, I am hoping to sneak away to see the city. Number one on my list is to stop by the Hockey Hall of Fame. The grandfather of my neighbors growing up is in the Hall of Fame, and I really want to see his exhibit. I’m hoping to walk around the water and see what this city has to offer. Who knows, maybe I’ll try to go to a Blue Jays game!

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

There is a little lull for about a month in my travels, but next on the list is going up to Old Orchard Beach in southern Maine at the end of July. The family of an old friend from high school (shocking I still have friends from high school) has a place by the beach and has invited to visit for a weekend in late July. If you have never been to a Maine beach, you need to take the chance to stop by. There is a reason why they call Maine “Vacationland”. Plus, the fresh seafood and relaxed environment is perfect for any getaway. It’s been far too long since I’ve made it up there; I am so excited to be able to spend a couple of days there.

Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark

Now, that brings us to the big trip of the summer in early August: Sweden and DENMARK!! A friend of mine and I are going to Stockholm for 4 nights and then jetting over to Copenhagen for 4 more. My friend has cousins working in Stockholm, while I am completely obsessed with Copenhagen from my study abroad experience with DIS back in 2008. The flights have been booked, and we are finalizing the hotels/AirBnB now. We are also working on a list of things to do in Sweden and Denmark. Fortunately, my coworker spent 5 years in Stockholm doing her PhD at the Karolinska Institute. In Copenhagen, I am going to be spending the whole time reminiscing and going to my favorite bakery (Skt Peder’s Bageri), café (Café Norden on Stroget), sandwich shop (Vero Italiano and another one whose name I can’t remember), and having picnic after picnic in all the green areas. I can’t explain how excited I am to go back to Copenhagen.

I’m so excited to start traveling again, especially back to Denmark. Any tips or suggestions for things I should do on these trips? Are you going on any trips this summer? Comment below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Dr. F