Hello there bloggies! We’ve survived another week. Welcome to Fitness Friday!

A key point of maintaining your fitness is eating well and fueling your body properly. Without giving yourself all of the nutrients, calories, and things you need, there is no way you will be able to push yourself physically and achieve whatever fitness goal you may have.

However, people love to complain about healthy food being boring, bland, and impossible to stick to. And to be honest, that can be the case. But, it doesn’t have to be! There are loads of ways to liven up your healthy food options and actually start craving them. Here are some of my favorite tricks to liven up my food:


There is quite a bit of chicken and veggies (broccoli, peppers, asparagus) in my diet. Some nights it is just impossible to make myself enjoy and deal with all the chewing you encounter with chicken (especially when it’s baked). Adding a scoop of hummus to the dish and mixing can add a dose of creaminess and texture to any dish. I used to be utterly afraid to try hummus. But, over the past two years, I have become completely obsessed. Be careful not to add too much hummus though! Got to keep the cal count in check.

Avocado + Lime Juice

I think this next trick of avocado and lime juice is well known to everyone now, especially those like me who are obsessed with guacamole. The slimy, smooth avocado brings a new dimension to almost any dish. Chicken, eggs, ground turkey, and loads of other staples all benefit from this green addition. Plus, it is looked with good fats and brings a cool shade of green to your plate.

Real Salsa

Now, I decided to use the term real salsa for a reason. Most of us know the liquidy salsa that comes in a glass jar. The flavors from the jar cannot even closely compare to the flavor explosion from salsa made from freshly roasted tomatoes, onions, and peppers (mixed with your favorite spices). Everyone has their own spice preferences. Make it however you like it and mix into your favorite dishes. It is well worth the little bit of extra effort.

Season your food buddy!

I think the biggest mistake people make when trying to eat healthy is that they decide that they are no longer allowed to season their foods. Crazy town! Yes, you should limit your salt intake. But, you can still use and explore new spices. I love garlic, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, and ginger (Not all together though! Gross.). Don’t forget your herbs and spices!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be boring! It should be just another way to expand your horizons and prepare yourself for whatever fitness challenges you may have. Embrace it!

What tips do you all have for keeping your healthy food interesting and tasty? Comment below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts. Have a great holiday weekend!

-Dr. F