Hello there bloggies! Welcome to another book writing update on this Wishful Wednesday!

As regular readers of this lovely blog may know, the past few weeks I have struggled to find time to sit down and focus on my novel writing and editing. Just like everyone else in the world, life has been ridiculous (in the best possible way :P). But, it has taken a toll on my sleep and writing time. The past few weeks I have been the best man at my brother’s wedding (speech was a big success!!), had my birthday, been on trips to New York City and Connecticut, planned a trip to Sweden/Denmark, gotten through a very very busy time at work, planned a networking event for my professional society, made a video for that same professional society, among other life things (like writing this blog!).

Although I have enjoyed all of these activities, it has come at the cost of making writing progress, as well as staying on top of all my workouts. I am currently at about 32000 words for my new book which is just around the halfway mark. I am reaching a point where some of the action and plot development will begin to accelerate. I think that will help get me some new momentum in writing through these next chapters.

I would also like to start revisiting the first book I wrote. I’ve still just received comments from one of friends and am waiting to hear from others. I haven’t looked at the manuscript myself in about a month in a half now. I think it has been enough time away from the story to dive back into it with a more objective and critical mindset.

I believe my schedule will be opening up a little bit now that summer is here. With this time, my goal is to re-dedicate myself to this writing adventure. I want to first keep plowing through this second manuscript and get a first draft done in the next months. I have it all mapped out on paper and in my head (I’m actually really excited by it). I just need to devote the time to it. I also want to take some of my writing time to more fully develop the first manuscript. I definitely gain some confidence by the first comments on the book (as well as the speech I wrote for my brother).

In that vein, I am struggling to figure out the answer to the question: what’s next? As I’ve mentioned recently, I am in the mind space to take some chances. Do I think these works could be published? I’m not sure. But, I am starting to think that I would be remiss not to try. The problem is that I have no idea what to do or where to go with these drafts.

If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, please feel free to comment below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

Thank you all for stopping by and reading about my writing adventures. Here’s to more writing time in the next two weeks!

Have a great day!

-Dr. F