Hello there bloggies! Welcome to another book writing update on this Wishful Wednesday!

Let’s start with the first book. The full draft is out and with a slew of my friends and family. They have been actively reading it! Honestly, I’m a bit shocked that they are. I’m taking it as a good sign that I at least have semblance of a readable plot.

I, myself, have not gone back and read through the draft yet. At the start, I wanted to edit it as my friends and family were going through making their own comments. But, I later decided to wait for their comments before making any changes. That way I would be able to mark their changes in the manuscript and incorporate their thoughts as I revise. Plus, I have been a bit distracted on the writing front lately.

What have I been distracted by?

Well, I have been working on the draft of book number two! I have briefly discussed starting a second book in the previous book update. I have just about written the first five chapters, which comes to about 15,000 words. There are going to be far fewer chapters in this book (I think), but I am still a ways away from getting a rough draft. The rough outline is done of course, and I actually think I already have a title (Deluded). That might change as I make progress.

So far, I am finding this draft a bit easier to get down on paper. It probably stems from the more realistic topic. The first book is in a different world with an odd case of characters that needed to be invented. That took thought, time, and effort. It was fun and exciting, but took energy. This second book is much more rooted is this world and from my own experiences. It is definitely far more personal and colored by my own life.

The plan is to keep plugging away on this second book until my friends and family’s comments start rolling in. Once I start getting feedback, I do plan on heading back to the first one to keep the momentum going with that one. Though, I guess I will see what they have to say about it! I’m thoroughly enjoying this little writing hobby. It’s challenging, but just a rewarding experience. It’ll be exciting to see what, if anything, becomes of it. Stay tuned bloggies!

Thank you all ever so much for stopping by today’s Wishful Wednesday! Hope you all enjoyed yet another book writing update! Comment below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts with any writing related tips or thoughts.

See you all on Friday J

-Dr. F