Hello there bloggies! It’s time for another book update on this Wishful Wednesday.

I have successfully started distributed my book draft to four friends slash family members. This reminds me I owe one of my brothers a digital copy. I’m taking this chance to take a breath from working on this manuscript. One thing I’ve learned from writing in science is that sometimes you need to walk away from a project or a paper to clear your mind and get your perspective in order. However, as comments hopefully start to pour in the next couple of weeks, I plan on diving right back into the story and seeing what I can make of it.

With this forced break from this particular manuscript, I’ve honestly missed spending time writing these stupid little stories. It was a fun challenge to start craft these stories, develop characters, and see what I could do. I found myself itching do more of it. I have no idea if the first story I made was interesting or well written, but writing more stories can only hone these skills. Practice makes perfect!

So, impulsively and probably stupidly, I started outlining and writing a new story. This one is completely different than the first. The first manuscript draft is more of an adventure, political story following a naïve guy who finds himself in the heart of a series of dramatic events. There are plot twists (or at least I think there are), hard choices, and crazy situations.

This next one I’ve mapped out and started writing is not nearly as dramatic. It follows a high school senior facing the end of his high school period of life and what the future may hold. There is no crazy political intrigue or ridiculous criminal activity. Honestly, I’m finding it much more relatable than the first one. The first one was fun and crazy. This one has much more of things I’ve experienced peppered in throughout. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

The timing of writing this new book is going to be interesting. I’m not sure if I should finish up the draft of this new one before going back to revise the first one. I think that is probably a bit optimistic in my progress on this next one. But, who knows? I think I’ll let my enthusiasm and passion guide me. Then, see what happens from there.

Thanks for stopping by another book update on Wishful Wednesday. Comment below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts. I’m looking forward to sharing more on the book writing and making more progress. See you all soon!

-Dr. F