Hello there bloggies! Welcome this week’s Wishful Wednesday! It’s time for another biweekly book update, and I have an exciting development!

I have four printed copies of my latest draft!!


I finished this round of edits on Sunday and sent it straight away to UPS (not a sponsor :P). The first time I uploaded and prepared it for printing I actually clicked away. I couldn’t send it. I was too nervous/anxious to click submit. I’m not sure why I was such a wuss about printing it out. I think it made it more real. These stacks of papers represent 5 months of hard work that I’ve completed in my “spare” time.

Now, that I have 4 whole printed copies, what am I going to do with them? I know exactly what I’m doing with one of them. I will be using it to edit myself. Editing words, papers, and manuscripts on a computer screen is one thing. It’s doable, but there is just something about holding and reading something in your hands. It’s just so much easier to read and edit. It just feels so much more natural.

What to do with the other three copies is a bit more up for debate. Ideally, I would like to start circulating to some of my friends and family, so I can get a little feedback on the storyline and its readability. The thought of letting others read it is honestly terrifying. I’ve never written a story or book before. In science, everything I write is based on experimental evidence and fact. I have confidence in those things and in what I’m saying. With those tools, I can craft a story and build an argument.

Here, I don’t have the crutches of experiments, facts, and my own experience. I think that’s what has been so freeing and fun about this experience. But, it is also what is so freaking scary. There are no rules in writing a book, no level of security. All I’ve had is my imagination to craft a story and whatever writing skills I may have (debatable). It’s scary to see what others think about it.

Even though I’m terribly insecure about it, I am going to make myself share my draft with people and get feedback. My goal for this book is to get myself to a final version that I am proud of, and I think that getting input from others is necessary. I have built very think skin through my experience in science (a profession filled with rejection), so I hope that holds true here. Again, I have no crazy delusions that this is publishable (yet…hehe), but I want to craft and create something I’m proud of.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s Wishful Wednesday. Thank you all for stopping by! Any thoughts on how I should move forward with my book drafts? Comment below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts.

See you all on Fitness Friday!

-Dr. F