Hello there bloggies! Welcome to Fitness Friday!

I am wrapping up the second week of Month Two of Insanity. And boy, it is just as crazy as I remembered. It is an hour of continuous jumping, punching, planking, and doing all sorts of things I had no idea my body could do. At the end of each one, I am simply a sweaty mess on the floor. I have no energy left.

Even though it hurts and is just frankly crazy, it is such an amazing feeling to make it through this workout each time. It is incredible what you can accomplish by just trying and making yourself keep going. No matter how tired you are, you can make yourself go just a little bit more and then a little bit more. That’s how I was able to through the end of my half-marathon. But, each time I get just a little better. That’s the addictive part. You find yourself lasting longer and longer in the circuits, doing more and more reps, and finding better form.

Some of my favorite moves:

-Belt Kicks: Squat and then kick. Awesome for the legs and abs.

-Plank Punches: Hold plank and punch one arm at a time. Again, fantastic core work. Plus, it’s always at the end of the workout when your arms and abs are killing.

-Power/Tuck Jumps: Jump high in the air from a squat position and lift your knees to chest. Hurts so good!

-High Knee w/ Twist: Pretty self explanatory. Great cardio and good ab workout.

Some of the moves that make me want to cry:

-Switch Kicks: This is just part of the warm-up, but it doesn’t matter. I will always hate switch kicks. You alternate jump-kicking each leg.

-Football Runs: Sprint, drop into low plank, and then jump up and sprint again. There is a reason I never played football.

-Level 3 Drills: 16 pushups and 16 plank runs. And keep it going. My arms turn to jelly.

Now, there are two weeks left in this month of Insanity. I think I am going to get it going a little longer than these next two weeks, particularly as I will been thrown off schedule because of my DC trip. I want to see how well I can master some of these moves and push myself.

Going forward though, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I could keep going with Insanity or move to the other Insanity version I have (The Asylum). I’ve never done The Asylum and may have some issues being able to do it in my apartment because of the jump rope and pull-up bar. Who knows, maybe it’ll be warm here soon? I doubt it!

Thank you for stopping by Fitness Friday. Any suggestions for workouts following Insanity Month Two? Any stories from your go at Insanity? Let me know below or on twitter @DrFsThoughts. Have a great weekend!

-Dr. F