Hello there bloggies! Welcome to Wishful Wednesday!

One of my goals this year was to travel more than I have the last couple of years. This week is my first trip of the new year. I am off to Washington DC for a long weekend. Well, technically I will be in Bethesda, MD. But, they are basically the same thing. I have a meeting down in the area on Monday, so I decided to stretch it into a longer trip to see some of my friends in the area.

I usually end up going to the DC and Maryland areas 1-2 times a year. So, this is a little trip. But, a trip is still a trip. It’ll be great to be out of the snowy hell that the Boston area has turned into (although I am pretty sure it snowed in the DC area the other day…I can’t escape it!). I’m going to see some of my friends from college and be able to relax a little bit. The meeting on Monday should also be fun. We’ll be discussing trainee-related and career development programming for one of the professional societies I’m part of. I think we’ll have some great plans for the upcoming year!

I’m hoping that this small little trip is the start of some exciting travel adventures. There are some in-depth plans in the work. Hopefully, there will be a spring trip to the gulf shore including New Orleans and Mississippi. I believe I will be presenting at a conference in Toronto this summer. I’ve never been to Canada, so I’m way excited to go. Then, there will hopefully be a big summer trip to Europe. I’m hoping I’m able to go to Sweden and Denmark because we all know how much I love my Denmark. Fingers are crossed that it all comes together. And finally, I think this fall I have a couple trips to the DC area for weddings and conferences. Who knows, maybe there will be some other random trips. I do like random adventures.

Traveling is very very expensive, and I am a poor postdoc. I’ve been saving and saving my money for these travel opportunities. The experiences and memories are always worth the price to me. Plus, this is the time of my life to do some more crazy traveling. My responsibilities are relatively few and time is short!

Thank you all for stopping by this week’s Wishful Wednesday! Where do you all want to travel this year? Any tips or suggestions for me! Comment below or hit me up on twitter @DrFsThoughts.


-Dr. F