Welcome to Fitness Friday bloggies!

Currently, there is so much snow on the ground, and the temperature is hovering in the teens. We have a blizzard brewing, coming our way for Saturday night and Sunday morning. The last things I want to do in all of this cold, snowy weather are to go workout and to eat protein/veggies. This week especially was rough in the motivation department.

Nonetheless, I have gotten my butt into my workout clothes and gotten through my Insanity Month 2 workouts (and lifting). I have had to set myself up for keeping on track with my fitness goals for the year. By doing some little things, I try to put myself in the best position possible to stay on the road to fitness.

I work out after work during weekdays or in the mid/late afternoon. I have tried to wake up in the morning before work. Doesn’t work at all. My mind is not in the right place, and I’m not ready physically or medically to push myself and do the best I can. It just doesn’t work for me. Late afternoon and early evening are just the perfect times for me.

During these cold, wintery times, there are far fewer workout options. Most outdoor activities—unless you are a crazy distance runner or a skier—are pretty much a no-go. Workouts are relegated to indoors. I, for one, hate the gym, so my best option is an at-home workout. That’s why in the winter I focus on my Insanity and lifting workouts. Once spring comes, I can start diversifying more.

In that vein, the less thinking about which workout I’m doing each day the better. I try to keep to a rotation of my workouts and circuits. No matter how tired or stressed I am, I already know which workout I am doing and can get started right away.

As far as food goes, the best way I stay on track is by being fairly strict with what I eat at home. I only buy fruits, veggies, protein, sweet potatoes, beans, and other healthy options to eat at home. That way when I go out for a few drinks or grab a meal out it is just a once in a while deviation from my typical eating. I try hard to make sure it doesn’t snowball into something more. Plus, if I am going to go out and see family/friends, I am going to enjoy myself and sometimes that involves having a non-light beer or a cookie!

Thank you all for stopping by Fitness Friday. How do you stay motivated during these cold winter months? Let me know below in the comments or on twitter @DrFsThoughts. Happy Valentine’s Day! And enjoy your weekend!

-Dr. F