Hello there!

Welcome to Wishful Wednesday!

What is Wishful Wednesday you ask? Well, on Wishful Wednesday, I discuss my efforts to accomplish various things on my bucket list. Sometimes, I can lack follow-through in many of my hopes and goals. I hope through this I will be able to hold myself accountable. So, yes it is a bit of a selfish blog post day, but I hope others enjoy the ride.

So, my first goal I want to discuss on Wishful Wednesday is I want to finish writing a book. This is something that I have been trying (…and failing) to complete for the last few years. I start off perfectly well. I am able to write and write and write. The problem I realized is that I did not have a proper plan. I never took the time to outline and schedule time to dedicate to writing this book. So, I would quickly give up once I reach a point of difficulty. My desktop has become a graveyard of just started novels and short stories.

I am not going to let that happen this time though! Starting around Thanksgiving, I started writing again. Instead of just randomly writing, I set aside time almost everyday to spend outlining and writing. Some days it would be only 10-15 minutes, and others it would be over 4-5 hours. I did whatever my schedule allowed. I just made sure I spend a little time most days thinking about my story.

In this short amount of time, I have actually made progress. Currently, I have written 56,193 words of this book. I think my previous best may have been around 8,000 words. Each week or weekend I would try to set word number goals, whether it be 5,000, 1,000, or even just a few hundred words. I just wanted to try to set small, achievable goals to keep making progress.

Honestly, I don’t know how good these 56,193 words are, but they at least represent progress. I still have a long ways ahead of me. I will need to revise, re-write, and totally re-do plotlines. Strangely, I am looking forward to that part. I feel like the hardest part will be getting the first words and drafts done. I actually think I could finish this book, and maybe in the not too distant future (and early draft that is).

Now, I want to be clear. I do not have delusions of grandeur that I clearly am not writing the next great novel or that it will even be published. I don’t know if I will even let other people read it. Well, maybe just some close family and friends. Writing a book is something I want to prove to myself that I can do. It is sort of like showing myself that I could run a half marathon or finish my PhD. Plus, I have really enjoyed the writing process. It has been so much fun plotting out the development of my characters, seeing how the plot unfolds, and inventing a new world of my own.

I think there are a few reasons why I have been so keen on plugging away at this massive task. First, I have taken it seriously. I decided that I really want this and will work hard to achieve it. Second, I have enabled myself to make progress. I have made schedules and set small, intermediate goals. It is always fun to achieve a goal (however small and in-between). Lastly and most importantly, I am actually enjoying the process. Achieving the end goal is going to feel great, but I get excited when I know I have a few hours to spend alone working on my book draft. I genuinely enjoy spending time in the world of my book.

I plan to use this blog to keep an eye on my progress. I am at 56,193 words. Hopefully, by this time next week, I will be at around 60,000 words. I will probably also use this to deal with the frustration of writer’s block and my difficulties with writing.

I hope you enjoy this non-science Wishful Wednesday! Thank you for indulging me and reading this!

-Dr. F